Underfloor Heating

Underfloor Heating

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    Underfloor Heating

    Underfloor heating warms a room uniformly and comfortably from the floor up, freeing up wall space and eliminating the risk of draughts caused by traditional radiators.


    ‘Wet’ underfloor heating uses hot water in the same way that radiators do. When added to a central heating system, hot water runs through lengths of specialist tubing which is embedded in the floor. Underfloor heating is compatible with most heat sources such as gas boilers or heat pumps.

    Underfloor Heating Installation in Brighton
    Underfloor Heating Installation in Sussex

    We supply and install a range of underfloor heating to suit all needs and purposes

    This includes Nu-Heat’s selection of underfloor heating, which comes in a range of different sizes and with different features to suit the heating requirements for your room or project.


    Virtually any property can enjoy underfloor heating, including:

    • New builds

    • Renovations

    • Extensions

    • Single areas, small or large, such as conservatories, kitchens and bathrooms

    Benefits include:

    • Want to keep some of your radiators? No problem – underfloor heating can be installed even if you want to keep radiators in other rooms.

    • Low maintenance. Most underfloor heating systems come with long guarantees

    • Underfloor heating is desirable and helps to increase the value of your home.

    • Underfloor heating helps the home to retain heat – the floor surface and screed beneath acting like a storage heater. Underfloor heating can be up to 40% more efficient than radiators.

    • Underfloor heating requires lower flow temperatures than radiators – typically 40°C – 50°C rather than 60°C. Less energy is needed to heat this type of emitter; therefore it is a much more energy-efficient and cost-effective way of heating a room.

    • Underfloor heating provides a uniform heat across the floor. There are no knocks or intrusive noises you get when hot water pipes expand as they do in traditional heating systems.

    • Each room or zone the underfloor heating is installed in can be controlled independently. This means that anybody in the property can select their chosen temperature. With the addition of wifi enabled thermostats, you can have full control of every room in your house from your phone or tablet from anywhere in the world.


      Underfloor heating has the advantage of rapidly drying hard floor areas such as bathrooms and kitchens.

    We can offer help and advice on all aspects of underfloor heating including floor coverings post installation, whether tiles, laminate or carpet.


    Our services also include the installation of electric UFH which, instead of using hot water, uses electricity to warm low voltage cables. The running cost of this type of UFH is slightly higher but its effects are the same.

    Heating breakdown emergency services


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