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Air Conditioning

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    About Air Conditioning

    Air Conditioning is the most cost effective way of introducing an energy saving climate control system to your property. Modern air conditioning systems are clean and discreet, and can be concealed in walls, floors and ceilings. The dual purpose of air conditioning – for cooling and heating – makes it perfect for all-year climate control.


    We install a wide range of air conditioning units, including those of market leaders such as Daikin, Samsung and Mitsubishi.


    New technology enables you to control your air conditioning systems from anywhere in the world via your phone or tablet. Air conditioning is suitable for most budgets. We can offer advice on which system would be best for you.

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    Why Air Conditioning Is The Right Choice

    • Air to air heating is the quickest and most efficient way to heat a space

    • For every kw of energy used, up to 5kw of heat is produced whereas with electric heating, for every kw used, only 1kw is produced.

    • With regular servicing, air conditioning circulates and filters air, removing pollutants and mold from the air. This is particularly important for people who suffer from asthma and allergies.

    • Whisper-quiet operation is standard for all modern air conditioning

    • Air Conditioning systems act as dehumidifiers

    • A range of modes means that from the middle of winter to the height of summer, you can easily maintain your perfect climate at the touch of a button.

    Ceiling Cassettes

    Ceiling Cassette air conditioning systems – perfect for workspaces such as shops, offices and restaurants.

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    • Mounted within the ceiling so discreet and frees up valuable wall space
    • 360dg airflow for optimum efficiency and comfort
    • Fully controllable airflow swing
    • Intelligent fan speed allows you to quickly achieve and maintain your perfect climate
    • Smart or intelligent features that sense when people are present and work automatically to maintain comfortable temperatures and save power.
    • Optional wi-fi monitor and control


    Note: If you do not have a ceiling void, there are other ceiling cassette options.

    Wall Mounted

    Wall Mounted air conditioning units are often the cheapest option when introducing climate control into your home or business.

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    • An extensive range of designs means there is a wall mounted unit to suit every taste and requirement
    • Allergens and pollutants are filtered through the unit
    • A variety of fan speeds with silent running
    • Fully customisable airflow direction
    • Can be installed almost anywhere
    • Optional wi-fi control and wall mounted control (infra-red as standard)

    Concealed Units

    Concealed units (also known as ducted units) are the ideal option for businesses such as bars and restaurants, shops and hotels.

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    • Discreet appearance – perfect for the high-end look
    • Multiple fan speeds
    • Allergens and pollutants are filtered through the unit
    • Customisable grilles – the visible part in the room
    • Optional wi-fi control and wall mounted control (infra-red as standard)

    Floor-Standing Units

    The perfect, energy-efficient replacement for storage heaters.

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    • Ideal for conservatories and low walls
    • Allergens and pollutants are filtered through the unit
    • Fully customisable airflow direction
    • Multiple fan speeds
    • Optional wi-fi control and wall mounted control (infra-red as standard)


    All of the air conditioning options above are available in the following configurations:

    Split Air Conditioning Installation


    • 1 indoor unit, 1 outdoor unit
    • Always the cheapest option
    • Able to do heating or cooling
    Multi Split Air Conditioning Installation


    • Control up to 5 indoor units from 1 outdoor unit
    • Able to do heating or cooling
    • Note: cannot perform heating and cooling simultaneously
    VRF Air Conditioning Installation


    • Control 5+ indoor units from 1 outdoor unit with less pipework
    • Can heat and cool simultaneously
    Heating breakdown emergency services


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    Air Source Heat Pumps

    Cheap to run, last as long as 50 years, require little maintenance and produce heat even in sub-zero temperatures

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    Mechanical Ventilation Heat Recovery (HRV) is the unique, energy-efficient way of bringing fresh air into a property and recycling existing heat.

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    Underfloor Heating

    Eliminate draughts and free up radiator space: Heat your room uniformly and comfortably with energy-efficient underfloor heating

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    What our customers say:

    Feedback from just a small selection of our many satisifed customers.

    The guys helped me choose which air con units would be best and gave me loads of advice on how to set the controls. Really professional and knowledgeable. Would definitely recommend.

    Mr M Hove

    I was thoroughly impressed with the service provided by Custom Climates. From start to finish, they were so helpful and full of advice about my new Daikin air source heat pump. Thank you for all the long phone conversations!

    Mr P Horsham

    Custom Climates installed 3 new AC units in our offices. They set the controls for us and talked us through the features. We were very pleased with them and will be using them for servicing next year.

    Mrs L Leatherhead